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Homework has significant relevance in the educational program. It provides opportunities for students to develop self-direction and self-discipline by promoting study habits and study skills which will serve as an important link between home and school. Another valuable reason for its implementation is the opportunity to keep parents informed of the school’s curriculum and their child’s progress by monitoring assignments sent home.

The desired outcomes of homework include:

  • Providing an opportunity for independent practice, to reinforce learning and to help students master specific skills.
  • Preparation for introducing material to be presented in future lessons.
  • An opportunity for students to extend their current skills into new situations.
  • A means for students to integrate many different skills to a larger task, such as book reports, projects or other creative avenues. 


Recommended time allocations for Homework


10 – 15 minutes per day

Grades 1 & 2

20 – 25 minutes per day

Grades 3 & 4

30 – 45 minutes per day

Grade 5

50 – 60 minutes per day

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