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About Us

In 1920, a man named Charles Weeks came to the Valley seeking land on which to build his utopian “Garden Community.”  He chose acreage at the present site of Winnetka and called his new venture “Weeks Colony.” In 1925, he donated 5 acres of land on the southeast corner of Roscoe and Winnetka for a school.  And in 1926 Winnetka Avenue Elementary School opened.  The first school buildings consisted of the auditorium and three bungalows.  School officially opened in 1926.  It wasn’t until 1929 that Winnetka Avenue was paved and a new school was built with eight grades.  

The school continued to house eight grades until 1949 when Sutter Junior High was built.  Before that time Winnetka students entering ninth grade had to go to Canoga High; most often by foot!

In 1971, following the earthquake, the old building was torn down to make room for a more modern plant.  Over the years, more bungalows were added and in 2009 the main building with the office and library was completely modernized.  Today the school has an enrollment of around 540, a modern computer lab, wireless internet, SMART Boards in every classroom, two play structures, beautiful trees and grass areas.



Original Winnetka Avenue School in 1929