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Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement

Winnetka Avenue Elementary School is a safe place where we promote respect for all individuals. Students, parents, teachers, other staff and community work together for the common goal of providing everyone the opportunity to successfully acquire the knowledge and skills that will prepare students for middle school, high school and beyond. 

Mission Statement

We believe all children can learn and reach their full potential

when students

  • come to school on time and are ready to learn
  • do their best at school and at home
  • return completed homework daily
  • share responsibility for their own learning
  • read at least 20 minutes a day

with love, emotional support and respect from home and school

when all stakeholders work together as A TEAM

when parents actively participate in their education by

  • sending children to school clean, well rested, and ready to learn
  • communicating with their child's teacher and school staff
  • attending school functions
  • praising, encouraging, and displaying their child's work
  • reading to their child
  • encouraging participation in enrichment and sports activities

when the school environment is

  • warm and welcoming
  • well organized
  • developmentally appropriate
  • safe, nurturing and supportive

when the curriculum is

  • child centered
  • sensitive to our diverse community and student needs
  • assisting students in becoming responsible, respectful and caring

when teachers and school staff are

  • supportive in guiding and facilitating learning
  • structuring experiences whereby students construct their own knowledge
  • using a variety of approaches to reach all students
  • informed about current best practices and adept their implementation
  • organized, planned, prepared and flexible
  • openly communicating and seeking solutions in a cooperative manner with parents, students and staff