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Visitor's Policy


Parents are welcome to observe in classrooms. In order to maintain a safe, secure campus, we ask that all visitors:

  • Request an appointment for a visitation date and time from the office staff after entering the school office. Often the visitation can be on the same date.

  • Sign the “Visitors on Campus Log Book” located on the counter in the main office.Obtain the principal/designee’s approval before proceeding to the classroom.

  • Determine the classroom activity you are observing and keep the classroom observation time and frequency reasonable.15-20 minutes is a reasonable time for a visitation.

  • If you wish to speak with the teacher, please leave a message for the teacher and/or principal with the office staff at the front desk.A conference can be scheduled at a time when the students are not present in the classrooms.

  • Return the visitor’s permit to the school office before leaving the campus.


Some additional guidelines for visitors:

  • Enter and leave the classroom as quietly as possible so that instruction may continue uninterrupted.

  • Do not converse with the students, teacher, and/or instructional aides during the visitation.

  • Do not interfere with any school activity during the visit.


If you do not have a child in the classroom that you wish to visit, please schedule an appointment with the principal so that a staff member can escort you.