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Special Education

This year we welcome a new Assistant Principal, Ms. Heather Miles.  She will be assisting families and teachers of students with special needs.  She will be at Winnetka every Wednesday and Thursday and alternate Tuesdays.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your student, she can be reached at 818 341-5422.

The Division of Special Education has various resources available for parents, and we invite you to take advantage of every opportunity offered to help you become an active partner in your child’s education. Training is offered monthly covering several different topics that are related to the needs and services of students with special needs and the many ways parents can support their child both in and out of the classroom.  You are an important partner in your child’s education and together we can make success happen.

Class offerings and other information will be sent home as it becomes available.  Please check the website, at “Offices” and click on “Special Education” for more information. There is so much there.